Posted by: Michael | 19/10/2013

Lean In, Unions, and Susan Faludi

A friend posted this on FB; its a well written and thoughtful article by Susan Faludi. At first I was nervous that the article was going to support “Lean In” which I thought of as feel good upper class women’s movement to pat themselves on the back and sneer at women fighting to get salaries above the minimum wage. Faludi, though, I am happy to say has not bought into the phony “internal obstacles” pushed by Lean In. It is not internal obstacles holding most women, and in fact most men, back from receiving good wages and benefits but corporate greed.
From Faludi’s article:
What about “internal obstacles,” I asked Randall—the sort of obstacles that cause women to curb their ambitions because they’re afraid they won’t be likable? She pondered the question for a time. “I don’t know,” she said finally. “That’s just not the world I came from.”
Randall, one of two female textile workers interviewed by Faludi, worked at a job with no sick days. My father-in-law died of a massive heart attack at work; he was pressman. Though he had been feeling badly for several days he kept going into work because he had two young daughters and his company gave no sick days.


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