Posted by: Michael | 27/09/2013

Star Trek and Bodies; Trees, Fire Island and Sandy

Fire Island tree toppled by Hurricane Sandy.

Fire Island tree toppled by Hurricane Sandy.

I have been watching Star Trek old and new the last couple of weeks. One theme seems to be recurring in all scifi including Star Trek our bodies are holding us back and we will evolve to be sometime in the future evolve to a “higher” form with no bodies just glowing clouds. First, the mind is not something separate from the body/brain it is something that emerges from the processes of the brain [emerges may not be the best word]. I think it os more likely that evolution of the mind will only occur when our brains evolve though maybe in the future we may help evolution by combining our brains and cybernetics. The Borg maybe our future.

To add to what I wrote yesterday. Besides Star Trek, I read David Hubel’s obitb

    this week. Before Hubel’s and Dr. Torsten Wiese’s discovery the prevalent idea was that the brain basically projected what the eye saw onto a screen much like a movies projector. What Hubel and Wiese discovered was in fact the brain constructed our vision from bits and pieces, as the NY Times says deconstructs and then reconstructs visual scenes. The brain is a computer with input and output devices. It is not passive but actively participates in our perception of the world around us. This is much like photography, photographers are not passive reapers of images around them but actively participants of recording the world from deciding what to shot how to frame it in the camera to post processing, whether that is developing film and printing or running a digital image through software such Lightroom and Photoshop. I believe all our senses are reconstructs not passive. Please go read the obit.


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