Posted by: Michael | 08/08/2012

Sweating in Brooklyn

Reflection of Red Hook buildings in a sign near HomeMade.

Reflection of Red Hook buildings near HomeMade.

Curiosity has landed on Mars. Opportunity is still wandering Mars. So again we have two rovers exploring Mars, one of which is the size of a small car. Its amazing that we are exploring another planet; driving around on it – site seeing!  When the images start rolling in it will be very exciting.

Its another humid day in Brooklyn. I have now decide that two hours of spinning is the maximum  my butt’s can take; so I will add rowing an half hour now working it up to an hour. I am also chaffing which a friend who rides bike tells me means  my seat needs to be narrower but since its a spinning bike at the gym I  do not think I be buying my own seat.

HomeMade is a good small restaurant in Red Hook at 293 Van Brunt st, Brooklyn (tele: 347-223-4135) . They have a good wine selection.

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