Posted by: Michael | 08/10/2010

Fire Island

I have been back a little over two weeks.

We are taking care of my wife’s 84 year old mom; she had been staying with us on Fire Island and is now in Brooklyn with us. Brooklyn is not ideal; its three stairs high and the bedroom is on the top floor. My mother in law is sleeping in our bed, my wife is sleeping on a cot in the front room and I am sleeping on a couch on the second floor. Some days she knows who we are for most of the day; most of the time she can remember us only for a few hours. Getting her to bath is a major war; we have now accepted that bathing will happen only once a week.

Some images I took with my G11 on Fire island. The music can take some time to download.

I am still trying to decide how far I should push an image in Photoshop. I have also not printed any images yet.



  1. Sorry to hear how you and your family struggle with the stairs and your mil’s health. Don’t struggle too hard with the bath thing, just try to find other ways.

    Your images with music are fantastic! Did you show her?

    Sweet hugs, Tessa

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