Posted by: Michael | 02/07/2009

The Adventures of Amir Hamza

The Adventures of Amir Hamza
Modern Library
Translated by Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Book two
page 354

Amar related to Amir all that had come to pass since Hamza’s imprisonment, and lowered his ingratitude before the True God. As he looked toward the skies, he saw the morning star shining in the heavens like a symbol of Amir’s prestige and a sign of the approaching hour of dawn. Amir headed straight to the king of Egypt’s palace with all his companions in his train. They searched for the king, but did not find any trace of him. Amir’s companions entered the back garden and began feasting on the guavas, apricots, and mulberries they found there.

Aadi presently felt an overpowering urge to empty his bowels, since he in his bovine greed had eaten several maunds of fruit, He took himself to the royal toilet chmaber and begin attending to nature’s call. The ill-starred king of Egypt had hid in the toilet for some reason, and he was soon sunk upto his head in Aadi’s ordure. Realizing that he would have no refuge there, he caught hold of Aadi’s testicles and hung from them for dear life. Feeling the terrible pain in his balls, Aadi jumped up and ran out of the chamber without washing himself, dragging the king of Egypt along with him. He ran raising a great hue and cry, shouting, “Terrible is the effect of this city’s air and water that it causes a man to excrete men.!” Munzir Shah Yemeni and others came rushing to him and, upon seeing the king of Egypt dragging from Aadi’s testicles, rolled on the floor in fits of laughter. They had the king bath and then conducted before Amir in his sorrowful state.



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