Posted by: Michael | 25/04/2009

Dan Aran Group and Linda Oh

On Thursday I walked, about 2 miles [about 3.3 km for all of you using an intelligent system], to Park Slope and saw the Dan Aran Group at the Tea Lounge. I am glad did, even though it was a work night and I could not stay for the second set. I get up 6:30 am.

They all played well; and Linda Oh was again great.
On several pieces they really jelled; feeding off of each other.
It is in those moments that I realize why I love jazz; I get a chance to disappear into music. On a composition by Mr. Aran dedicated to Arnie Lawrence the group made the walking worthwhile.

I love listening to Jimmy Garrison and John Coltrane on an LP or CD, but when you listen to live jazz or any live music it is so much more powerful.

I feel like I cheated them; we were asked for a $5 donation I gave $10 but…………..

How can we expect to have musicians when they can barely feed themselves?

They all have www pages; go read about them.

Nir Felder (guitar)
Art Hirahara (keys)
Linda Oh (bass)
Nick Hempton (saxophones)
Yonatan Voltzok (Trombone)
Dan Aran (drums)
Dan Aran has played with Omer Avital whose Asking No Permission I own and can recommend.


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