Posted by: Michael | 06/04/2009

An Interesting Radio Lab Broadcast

Radio Lab is a podcast I have been listening to for a while; this broadcast is particularly interesting.
This is 15 minutes long but very interesting: Click



  1. Oops, I posted on the wrong place. Do you have Zamfir on your iPod? Or is that someone else?

    Yeah, I have Zamfir on my iPod, too! Are we twins? Anyway, my Dad always liked Zamfir. It reminded him of his Romanian heritage, I guess. And he tended to like that sweetly saccharine kind of thing. I looked down my nose at it and now . . . . . hahaha! I like it, too!

  2. Ah you’re cute anyway: Zamfir????

    No I have 7000 people tap dancing naked in Times Square on my iPod though.

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