Posted by: Michael | 01/04/2009

New Fishing Approach

I just received this email:

Dear Michael,

Your Secret Admirer has just sent you an eCard!

You may pick it up by clicking on the link below:

You may also pick up your postcard from the postbox located at:
Your ticket number is:  033116290600156

If you are using AOL mail – <a href=”″>just click here</a>.

Your card will be available for 14 days from 03/31/2009 16:29 PM. After that it will automatically be removed. Please make sure to pick it up or store it for your personal records before the 14 days are over!

I hope you have enjoyed this service and take some time to send an eCard to your special someone.  Or, visit the other sections of, the largest and most visited romance site on the web. contains everything from dating tips, community advice forums to countless resources on making your romance last!

Have a wonderfully romantic day!

Card Editors @



  1. I got this email too. Oddly enough my name is also Michael. Maybe people with the name are being targeted!

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