Posted by: Michael | 29/03/2009


I know I need to post more often; I lost the posting ‘groove’ when my mom and brother died, and have found it hard to get back into it. My photography is also suffering. I have a desk full of film to develop and boxes full of negatives to print.

However, I seem immobile.; yeh, I know depression; not the great scary depression but a low grade depression.

I need to push myself out; so I started running again. Hopefully this week I’ll get into the darkroom and at least develop some of my film. It will be be awhile before I post some prints but I will try to post to the blog at least three times a week.

I have been reading Paul Di Filippo’s Neutrino Drag, a collection of short stories. I have not finished the book yet, but several of the stories I can report that I liked:

Yellowing Bowers
The Moon-Bonham Effect
Destroy All Brains
Take Me to the Pilot
And Them, Too, I hope

And as an added bonus here is a great video about Louis Armstrong, posted by jazzvideoguy on YouTube: Click


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