Posted by: Michael | 27/08/2008

Suskind’s The Black Hole War

I was originally going to write a post about both Suskind’s  The Black Hole War and Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.  Suskind is a physicist and a runner; two reasons to admire him. Murakami is an author and a runner; two reasons to admire him. 


I bought  Suskind’s The Black Hole War, after reading a review of it on Woit’s blog, Not Even Wrong


When I was 3/4 through I read the book,  the N.Y. Times ran a positive review. My review of the review is that I thought the review was a mess. The reviewer barely got around to discussing the book. 


I highly recommend the book. Some of the most creative and interesting thinking of the last 100 years has been going on in the sciences and mathematics. If you read this book, Suskind’s The Cosmic Landscape, Randall’s Warp Passages, and Woit’s Not Even Wrong, you will get hint of some wondrous ideas that are going on in contemporary physics. The Black Hole War is a very good book; buy it and read it. Many of the ideas of contemporary physics make scifi boring; this is complement. I am in awe of people who can have created ideas that would have left  Lem and Asimov jealous and YET related and extend are understanding of physics. 


The Black Hole War shows how science works: how problems are discovered and resolved and while Suskind is telling this story he explains many of the ideas physicists are exploring terms that even a semi-geek as myself can understand and think about.


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