Posted by: Michael | 18/06/2008

A variation of a story by Han Fei

A variation of a story by Han Fei

Josh, a young man who studied blues guitar in a small town on the north shore of eastern Long Island, left his town to study the guitar with Joe Pass; however he ended up waiting tables because he forgot how to play blues guitar before he mastered the elegant jazz guitar of Joe Pass.

Below is an image that failed; as to paraphrase Doug Mulaire: Not everything can be photographed, sometimes something that looks interesting will not work out as a photograph. The buildings in the distance were covered with early morning fog; they just look unexposed. I’m not sure if there was something I could have done to get the shot; I need to do some reading research; maybe a filter would have helped. I might try printing it again if I can come up with an idea that will make a difference.

[Click on thumbnail to see larger image.]

San Francisco Fog



  1. If you crop along the line of the top of the fence then up the left of the lamppost I think you’ll get a good result.

  2. I agreed with you

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