Posted by: Michael | 16/06/2008

San Francisco and Self portraits

I now have seven rolls of film on my desk; maybe tomorrow I’ll develop them. If I had known our servers were going to crash and we would be done with work at 5 P.M. I would have worn dungrees and a t-shirt and developed some today; but I wearing a suit and tie and photo chemicals stain.

I did not get to print on Friday, when I got home Thursday night my cellar was flooded – the sewer pipe had clogged, so Friday and Saturday was spent cleaning. I now have to move everything into the center of the room so I can clean the sides. Friday was my birthday; what was strange is that I got birthday greetings from computer servers. I had hoped to print 4-5 images Friday.

The work on my house on Fire Island is not done, so maybe we will not be going there for two weeks in July; two weeks in Brooklyn instead!

I’ve been reading and re-reading a post by John Loomis on his blog entitled My My Me. I agree with much of what he says. Even before reading his post I found I was very bored with all of the ‘self portraits.’ These were not the interesting funny self portraits of Lee Friedlander but pretension self-conscious clap trap. Go read the post.

The image below is from a bunch of rolls I shot in San Francisco recently.

[Click on thumbnail to see larger image.]

Trees, San Francisco. January, 2008.


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