Posted by: Michael | 21/05/2008

Bruce Gilden and Getting close; BookCourt

On Range Finder Forums, a photography site I read, some posted a video of Bruce Gilden shooting people on the street [the link to the video can be found below]. There was much discussion about his technique. Many felt he was rude and in their city would have been punched in the nose. I thought his images were very strong.

One of my failings at the moment is that my image of people are not close enough. I’ve been using my 21mm as oppose to the 50mm and 35mm to force myself to get closer. My feeling is that by lessening the physical distance I will shorten also the psychological distance between my subject and myself. I also feel its more rude to sneak pictures of people on the street; I feel you shouldn’t hide your camera; let everyone know you are shooting.

He also comments on Times Square being turned into Disneyland. I agree, and I agree there were many more diverse people in Times Square 30 years ago. I lost all my images of Times Square 30 years ago taken of hookers and johns on the streets and the people inside the Porn Shops and XXX rating movie theaters. It is amazing I did not get thrown out of the porn shops and theaters. I am not sad Times square has changed; I remember how depressing it was to see very young girls on the streets. I am sad I lost all the images.

My problem now with not just Times Square is that everyone is on cell phones talking or texting

Video of him shooting on the street

Some of his images at Magnum.

As for one of my own images, a shot of BookCourt, a book store in Cobble Hill Brooklyn:

[Click on thumbnail to see larger image.]


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