Posted by: Michael | 10/04/2008

Baldwin; Kubinec [Berkeley] and Chemistry;Spin

My right hand is burnt from Dektol; D-76 effects me somewhat BUT Dektol does a major redness/burning, but I love printing.

I read an interesting post on BackReAction several days ago on Models and Theories, you do not need to be a Physicist or Mathematician to appreciate it.

A while back I complained about James Baldwin to a friend. She and I went to Cornell together; she recommend reading Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time. She uses it in a course she teaches. She was right; it is very good. I also recommend it.

I have been listen to a Berkeley chem course taught by Kubinec. Two statements surprised me; one I should have known but did not think about it, the other I am still trying to understand.

First, have I known since around 1962 that elections will produce a inference pattern. I’ve known since then that electrons were looked upon as both waves and particles – in fact this duality was why I thought about physics as a major. What did not dawn on me was that this meant that MATTER was being added or destroyed. Its so amazingly beautiful.

Secondly, electron spin as measured as +1/2 or -1/2. Ok, but then he says spin up is considered time degree of freedom 1 and spin down is considered time degree of freedom 2. I do not see how time suddenly is involved – how did spin and time become entwined?; it is probably something simple that I am overlooking. He then goes on to talk about mobius strips and 720 degrees rotation which I understand.

I am doing all this rushing around, because CERN will soon produce exciting results and I want to have some understanding. This is a very exciting time. PLUS there are so many Mathematicians and Physicists writing about their work and ideas on the www; even semi-geeks can come away with some understanding.

I need to reorganize my web page, from purely genealogy to some genealogy and lots of photography. Many decisions to make on presentation, but that appeals to my inner geekiness. I may not be writing C but even CSS and Flash have some geekiness.



  1. Yes, CERN will be very interesting!!

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