Posted by: Michael | 03/04/2008

New Project

A friend, Stuart, talked about a class he took: shooting a roll a day. I thought about it and decided to do it for a month – at least. Its for discipline and eye. Its just not the shooting; I need to develop the film and print every frame, probably 5×7 or 4×5 on plastic and then stick them up somewhere and look at what I’ve done.

It should be interesting.


  1. This sounds interesting! It’s almost like a musician practicing every day, isn’t it? Well, maybe not exactly the same. Will it be too hard to do? Does it take a lot of time to develop a roll of film? How many photos would that be?

  2. I have three different cameras with different number of frames on a roll of film. My Leica M3 will give 36 frames per roll, the Roillei 12 frames per roll and my Hasselblad xpan 20 frames per roll.

    I will mainly use my M3 so I’ll probably shot and print 1000 pictures – frames.

    It is like practicing a musical instrument. It won’t make me brilliant but it should make me proficient; you know my Joe Lewis quote.

    I’ll develop several rolls film together; anywhere from three to seven rolls at a time. Printing will take longer; even if I go for acceptable fast prints in a week I’ll be doing about 250 prints.

    i shot my first roll yesterday; and today I’m going out in the rain and shooting my second roll.

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