Posted by: Michael | 02/03/2008

F Train approaching Carroll Street

I have been shooting this weekend, not a lot – three rolls.

Most of one roll was shot on a tripod with ‘guess’ exposures. All I did was extent the exposure, no stop watch, no real procedures. At some point I want to sit down and read more about reciprocal failure and night exposures. I have to stop messing around like this; I should have did my research first, and then planned my shooting with some intelligence not just luck.

I am thinking of developing the Tripod roll in Microdol-X to hold down on the contrast.

I hate losing discipline. I have not finished Rashomon, which I like so should have finished within two days. I did not go to gym last week. I’m drifting too much. I need to attack photographic problems with thought and discipline.

I think I’ll be taking some days off during the week to shoot houses of South Brooklyn. I will shoot the side of the street that has no parking so I’ll be able to get clean images of the building with no cars.

For the first time someone asked why I took their picture. It was a woman. I said for myself; she asked what I would do with it. I said print it if I liked. Then she asked what I do with the print; and I said sell it if I liked it. The reason I took her picture was she was attractive and did not have a cellphone in her ear. So many people are walking with cell phones in their ears.

The F Train leaving Smith and 9th and approaching Carroll Street Station.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

F Train approaching Carroll Street


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