Posted by: Michael | 29/02/2008

Leica, Sherry Krauter, Tr-X and Rodinal; Court Street Brooklyn

So my Leica M3 is a happy camera again. Sherry Krauter [Golden Touch] did a great job; no light leak and camera is working very smooth. The 35mm lens is clear and made good images. If you need your Leica repaired I highly recommend her.

I decide to try something new exposing Tri-X at 200 and under-developing hoping to get my shadows nailed and holding down my highlights. I am using Rodinal and joy of joy I have two different times for development at 400 ISO: 12 minutes and 14 minutes both for 20 degrees. Its hard to figure out how much to cut back on time if you have two different time. So I went with 12 minutes with 30 seconds of gentle inversions for the first 30 seconds. then with three inversions every two minutes. On a fast first inspection the negatives look a bit dense so my I will probably cut back to 11 minutes on the next two rolls which I hope to shoot this weekend. [On a more detailed insoection I think I’ll try 30 seconds less: 11min 30 sec.] I need to sit down with a loop and look close up at them and an overall feel. It was not the most controlled test; I was walking where there was fairly strong light, strong shadows and sometimes backlighting. I might do a real controlled test; grey card and shoot half the roll in light and half in shadow. I am back to liking Rodinal; especially the beautiful grain.

I do want to shoot more of Court Street between Kane and Degaw this time around four or five p.m. Tripod exposure if around .5 second. Ideally store lights will be on but with enough ambient light outside that they will not be harsh.

Court Street Between Kane and DeGraw.

[Click on thumbnail to see larger image.]

Court Street betw Kane and DeGraw Street


  1. This is an exquisite photo. It’s the kind of photo I would like to frame and have in my living room because it’s endlessly interesting . . . there’s so much to see.

    Actually, we do have some photos in our living room. Will let you know later . . .

  2. Thanks.

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