Posted by: Michael | 27/02/2008

M3, fiber vs. plastic, Dumbness

I got my M3 back yesterday afternoon. It looks beautiful; amazing! The 35mm lens also looks great. I’ll shoot a roll this afternoon and develop it tomorrow.

It made up for my being dumb on Monday.

I bought the wrong paper; $109 worth of wrong paper. I bought plastic instead of fiber paper, and I should have known better because the price was only $109, and earlier when I had googled the price and it was $145+. However I was in such hurry running down to Calumet and back at lunch that I just grabbed what I was given and ran out the door. In fact I didn’t really look at the box until I was printing. I was not happy.

So arriving back in my office at 10 p.m. and seeing my camera made me happy!
I still have to go out and buy $145+ worth of paper. I’ll use the plastic for test strips and if its a very complicated¬† image I use it for test prints.


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