Posted by: Michael | 24/02/2008

Fire Island Flowers and different monitors

Getting in touch with my inner child. Here is repost of a Fire Island photograph; one of the first images I took with my Rollei. This is a scan of a print.

When I first scanned this negative it came in with a sepia/copper tone. For some reason I have not worked out why but the tone brought out the flowers. So Karen Marshall helped me with the print and toned it in Berg’s Brown/Copper toner and the flowers popped again.

I have tried to recreate this effect in the scan; it hard to tell on this screen though so I may redo this image tomorrow at work.

I tried but I need to rework this. On my iBook monitor this looks fine on this screen the sky is green with some red and the grass much too sepia.

Queen Ann’s Lacy, Fire Island July 2007

[Click on thumbnail for larger image.]

Image made on iBook.

Queen Ann’s Lacy

Image made on Mac Pro with Dell monitor:

Flower made on Dell


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