Posted by: Michael | 22/02/2008

South Brooklyn Project

I need to buy some paper larger than 11×14. I thought about 20×24 BUT the price! So it will be 16×20 Ilford glossy fiber at $143 for 50 sheets. I am using Ilford for my 11×14 prints so it will present no surprises. I had been using Seagull Oriental but I could not find for a while so I switched to Ilford. I liked the Oriental because it popped nicely when toned with selenium and Berg brown/copper toner while Ilford does not seem to change much. Paper seems to be the weak link in B&W film photography.

16×20 prints for someone who has always printed 8×10 are very big. Scary big. That’s just about $4 a sheet. You don’t want to make too many dumb moves at $4 a sheet. I better check two or three times that I have the level on print and not focus.

Anyway, Monday I will run off and spend $143 on paper.

I am now focused in on what I am doing; recording the neighborhoods of South Brooklyn. I’ll still shot Fire Island when I am there, and for a break walk around Greenpoint and LIC; but no more: “Lets throw everything out of focus” or “Lets put a dark red filter on and make the sky black.”

Truck and legs.

[Click on thumbnail to see larger image.]

Truck Driver

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