Posted by: Michael | 21/02/2008

NYC Ballet, Wheeldon, McBride, Farrell

I went to the ballet Sunday. It was good. Very cutely entitled Matters of the Heart, Valentines Day was the previous Thursday.

During the first ballet, Raymonda Variations, one of the ballerinas [I feel bad I can not remember which one – if anyone out there knows please tell me] did two ‘steps’ that is amazing. First, with her left leg up and curled, she rose from having the soul of her foot flat on the stage to point and then down again – she did this several time never losing balance; such grace and strength. Then she went up on point and hop on point across the stage. Both moves require amazing strength and yet when you watch you are impressed with the grace and beauty.

The Nightingale and the Rose was great, I am sorry to hear that Christopher Wheeldon is forming his own company. It will be a big loss for NYCB.
I remember once when every season would bring new Balanchine and Robbins ballets. I also miss Patty McBride and Susan Farrell. Here is a good article and and great picture of a young Susan. McBride was always my favorite; I loved her long dark hair and her precision. I could not find a good picture out on the www of Patty. If I find one in the future, I’ll post the link.

We ate at Rosa Mexicano. It was good also; though I am disappointed that they no longer serve a real chocolate mole, this changed about a year ago.

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