Posted by: Michael | 14/02/2008

Monk, Charlie Rouse, Coltrane, Nakedness, the Wiimote

I was listening to Monk on Monday, originally I was going to write this Monday, then Tuesday hopefully I get it done today. At the moment I’m listening to Jimmy Smith’s Crazy Baby. I under developed two rolls of Ilford HP4 yesterday, I was angry at myself for being stupid. I went to the ‘The Book’ it contains all the times for just about every film for D-76. It said 20 minutes for D-76 1-3 dilution. Grrr how stupid can I get!! well i open up Ilford’s PDF on FP4 and it says 14 minutes! So maybe I was not so stupid maybe Ilford is stupid. Twenty minutes is closer to what I remember, I should have checked because 14 minutes did seem short.

Anyway threw those two rolls away; I should bill Ilford for the rolls and my time.
I don’t understand six minutes difference in time maybe 1 minutes maybe 2 but six minutes.

Something I’ve been noticing is that I’ve been getting people to blog who have searched with google using ‘Michael Cassidy Naked’
It seems there is an actor named Michael Cassidy and people would like to see him naked.
They get here because I’m a Michael Cassidy, also, and I have a post titled ‘Naked Photographer’.
I’m 62, so I doubt many wish to see me naked.

I never understood why people have a hard time with Monk.
Monk is one of the reasons the word Jazz is too confining. Monk is one of the greatest musicians and composers of any category of music. To me calling Monk a Jazz musician is the same as calling Bach a composer of Germany piano pieces. Monk has the ability to marry rhythm, chords and melody. Watch and listen to him in the videos below, especially watch his hands and feet while you are listening, he strikes his cords just infront and after the beat. To use Buddhism, Monk is like Zen and Coltrane and Parker like Tantric.

<b>Added later:</b> I was at the gym rowing for 40 minutes thinking about Monk, Coltrane and Parker and I came up with another image. Monk as a Japanese ink bush painter doing landscapes drawn with a minimum of strokes.

A side note, Charlie Rouse; what a great musician! He is so exciting to listen; he compliments Monk perfectly; which reminds of a quote by Miles Davis that Monk couldn’t play behind horn players. Sure. Coltrane, Rollins and Rouse seemed not to have problems.

Here are several uTube movies featuring Monk.

Monk 1

Monk 2

Monk 3

Monk 4

Monk 5

Before I get off of Jazz, here is a good discussion of John Coltrane by Howard Mandel on The Wire: John Coltrane: Devine Wind.

Star Styder [Dr. Pamela Gay] has a guest poster on her blog today, Dr. Lenore Horner who wrote an interesting piece on the wiimote and physics. I only know of the wii from TV advertising and my 9 year old niece asking for one at Christmas. She has come up with demonstrations fro physics classes that use the wii’s ability to record position and acceleration in three dimensions; and as she states several its cheap. Its also programable; open source programable! Maybe I will buy my niece one for her birthday; and then mess around.

The post can be found here.

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