Posted by: Michael | 06/02/2008

Naked Photographer

Good news Sherry Krauter believe my Summicron 35mm lens is fixable. Its a very good lens and very hard to find so I am very glad! My M3 and lens should be back with me in 3-4 weeks. I have to go out and buy more 120 film for my Rollie so I have something to shot. I feel naked walking without a camera. When the Leica gets back the Rollie goes out for a cleaning and the tripod mount to be fixed.

I’m thinking of trying Ilford FP5 instead of Tri-X on the Rollie for no reason other then try new film. I’ve read about Neopan 400, that it is like the ‘old’ Tri-X, so I might try that. I think I’m going to stop using Rodinal normal developer and go back to D-76 1-3 for 50-200 ISO and 1-1 for 400 ISO films and use the Rodinal as a specialty developer.

I am ready to make a few changes in my shooting. Try to shoot a roll in the same contrast: low medium or high and pull out if the contrast changes. So essentially I’ll be walking with three rolls of film, one for each contrast. I’ll see if this is do-able. I won’t be able to change rolls on the Rollie but it has only 12 exposures. I’m also probably going to recording what lens, f-stop, shutter speed and location. I should have spotted the problems with my 35mm lens sooner, but I kept blaming myself – bad exposure settings. If I had recorded the lens I was using I would seen many of my bad frames occurred when I was using my 35.

Second class today.
I had not printed since before Christmas and it showed. Every dumb mistake that could be made I made. Its amazing how fast you lose your concentration; the routines that help keep dumb stuff from happening. I whacked four sheets by forgetting to change from focus to filter on the enlarger. I did get one good print, part of my Hopper series of images. I’m starting to be please with some of these images; they look better in print than on screen. I am not religiously film, meaning I am willing to say someone using a digital is a photographer it at the moment does not interest me. I like the smell of the chemicals and watching the image come up in the developer.

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