Posted by: Michael | 03/02/2008

Bush, McCain, Obama, Clinton

Obama or Clinton?
I do not know yet who I’m voting for; my wife is voting for Clinton.

Bill’s recent activity has turned me off; he is making me feel more and more like we will be sinking further into the Bush/Clinton bullshit.

Bush has hurt this country so badly that I feel we may need to make a big jump to dig ourselves out. Bush has hurt the Army, hurt the economy, hurt our relations with Europe and Asia, took our country into war on lies, fostered hate against gays and women, and made the mideast worse.

I would never have believed a bad president could hurt our country and the world so much in just eight years.

What is even more amazing is people like Coulter, Limbaugh, and even McCain still support Bush and his ruinous policies. How could they hate the United States so much to keep supporting this president? How do they lie to themselves?

Anyway I’ve two days to decide Obama or Clinton.



  1. Today is the day. Sorry to see Denise K flushed down the toilet. And it’s too bad registered Democrats can’t cross over for the primary (or can they?) to support Ron Paul today. Obama lost his shine. And I don’t trust the Clintons. What’s a daddy to do?

  2. I voted for Clinton, but my state (Illinois) went for Obama. My husband voted for Obama. I will support Obama, but more and more, I think Obama is more rhetoric than anything else. I think Clinton would do a good job.

  3. I ended up voting for Clinton. I am more positive about Obama than you seem Liz. There is no doubt in my mind he will be better than McCain.

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