Posted by: Michael | 02/02/2008

ICP, Leica, Printing, Mary Ellen Marks

Leica Repair.

I sent my Leica off to be repaired. I sent it to Sherry Krauter. I also sent my Summicron f2 35mm. I am not so sure its a light leak because it gets worse when its cold out. It might be a spark caused by friction. I had very little ‘light leak’ damage on my shots taken in San Francisco, about one frame a roll and the damage was shallow. The six rolls I shot in December in the cold had a lot of damage; over half the frames had ‘light leak’ damage. Depressing.
My 35mm lens destroyed four rolls of film I had shot in San Francisco; that was very depressing. Three of these rolls I shot while walking to the Presidium. I had some nice images.
The question is what’s wrong with the lens! Krauter seems to think the lens was de-cementing [she had not seen the lens yet, she was trying guess what the problem was from my description], but when I read about de-cementing and fungus it sounded more like fungus. Neither are good.
If it can’t be repaired then I’ll have to buy another lens. Either a better 50mm or another 35mm. Can I find a 35mm as good as the Summicron?
Mary Ellen Marks.
I went into the library at ICP and her book, Exposure on a table. I picked it up and went through it. She is very good. Some extraordinary images. I need to see some of her other books.
I had my first class in Fine Art Printing at ICP taught by Brian Young. He is very knowledgeable. I learned things about developer, film, paper etc that I had not known or if I had known I had not thought about. His lecture added knowledge AND showed me how to apply my knowledge of film, developer, paper, paper developer and agitation to get an effective image, which is what its all about.
I have to think how to apply this to my own photography.
With my M3 being repaired I’ll be using my Rolleiflex to photograph. It will mean a whole different pacing and thinking. It will be somewhat like shooting a view camera.



  1. Michael, Brian is great…I’m happy to see you taking that class. I keep promising myself to take it someday to sharpen my skills. Cheers, M

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