Posted by: Michael | 17/01/2008

SFMOMA, Dijskra and digital photography

I went to SFMOMA. Saw my first Walker Evans, Robert Frank, and Lee Friedlander prints – not books but photographic prints. Very nice. I also saw work by Reneke Dijskra, which I liked; there was a hint of Dorothy Lang and Walker Evens in her still photography work; and then there was her video work which was fun. I need to go to more museums, I need to see real prints not just book; it would help evaluate photographs.

Evaluating photographs. Both Cannon and Nikon had booths at MacWorld with a fair number of photographs. Many seemed badly printed. There was that harshness that many digital photographs have BUT the shadows seemed weak; in fact some seem to need to be printed on higher contrast .5 to 1 higher in filter. It made me think that maybe digital really isn’t there. I definitely need to see more digital prints.

I looked at the high end Cannon and Nikon cameras. Very heavy but very fast. I pushed the button and fired 6 frames – bang. BUT so big so heavy. They both cost $5-8k [the Cannon is $8k someone reminded me] like the Leica M-8.

Also, I saw some really beautiful 8x10s; its funny you get into the mode that bigger is better. So suddenly I’m printing 11×14 and feeling I need Viagra if I’m not ready to go to 20×24. However there were so many beautiful 8x10s and smaller prints. Exquisite, and I am not talking cuteness. The big prints,many very big seemed silly.

I have to think. I’m posting this but may rewrite or add later.


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