Posted by: Michael | 15/01/2008

MacWorld and Eyeglasses

The new IBook is nice, though you’ll need an external drive for DVDs and an external connection for Ethernet . Its is very light and thin. THE QUESTION: who is it for? It is a consumer product, very much like the iPod; it is not a product for businesses. You can not be a business product and not have an Ethernet connection built in – at the moment.

One very nifty thing is that it has multi-touch from the iPhone [the new iPods also have this]. This is very very cool. Multi-touch!

I love the weight. I love the thinnest.BUT….

If I was retiring I’d buy the thingie of cause that would be my travel computer [including walking to get coffee computer]; my real computer would be a tower, the faster biggest nastiest MAC. My wife would have a heart attach.

And Steve Jobs seemed tired; hey he’s younger than me; screwed being tired. Jobs is tired and he’ just a kid, Trump pretends he worked his way up from the streets when in truth his daddy owned half of Brooklyn and Queens,

Also MacWorld organize badly! The last fours year it was better.They need to get organized

A side note my glasses exploded. this is the forth or fifth time these glasses have broken. I am not happy. I may need to find somewhere else to buy my glasses.


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