Posted by: Michael | 12/01/2008


I’m off to MacWorld and San Francisco. I spent the day doing laundry [my task] and trying to fix a toilet with a leak. We now have two toilets that are having problems. I can’t get a wrench in the space to tighten everything; all my wrenched are too long; I guess I’m going to have to give in and call a plumber when I get back from San Francisco.

I’m going to miss the ballet, Romeo and Juliet; I’m very disappointed I have never seen Romeo and Juliet.

My light leak hurt four rolls of film. When I get back from I’m going to have to get the camera repaired. I am going to label each roll with what lens I used to shot it; just to eliminate that it is one of the lens causing the problem.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Red Hook Street markings:

G on Street

Staubitz Meat Market, Court Street, Brooklyn.

Staubitz Meat Market, Court Street.

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