Posted by: Michael | 08/01/2008

Wagner Coltrane Baldwin M8

I’m listening to ‘Radio Lab‘, a podcast which I learned about from ‘Astronomy Cast‘, another podcast.

The January 1st  podcast was about Wagner’s Ring Cycle and its influence. I have never listened to all of the Ring Cycle, just the parts that have been in movies and were played for me in my Music course at Columbia. I spend my music money on Jazz. This podcast may  get me to buy the Ring Cycle so I can listen to all of it. Simply, Wagner’s anti-semticism has kept me from listening to any of his music.

How do you deal with art made by someone with vile views or has done unacceptable actions: Wagner’s anti-setimism, Miles Davis beating his wives and girlfriends etc. Can a murderer produce great paintings?

Funnily they have played very very little singing, almost all the music that has been played has been orchestral, which strangely reminds me of the music of Claude Debussy, who I like. ‘Afternoon of a Faun‘ is one of my favorite ballets.

Music for me has since around 1960 revolved around Jazz and specifically John Coltrane. Right now I’m listening to one of his recordings of ‘My Favorite Things‘ on his European Tour.

I wonder if my mind has become a music blackhole.

I am off to San Francisco on Sunday for MacWorld. I’ll see my brother and with luck some people I once worked with Perry Lang and maybe if I can figure out how to get in touch with them Susan Faludi and Bob Rosenthal. I’m reading Faludi’s new book which I find interesting and well written. I am only about a quarter into it, so I need to get further before I am willing to discuss it.

Baldwin: I have the same problem I did when I first read him. I think his views on race were influenced by his homosexuality. He views racism as chiefly sexual; I do not see it. I’ve just read ‘In Another Country’ and the relationships between women and men are very D. H. Lawrence like, conflict and war, subjugation . Yet between men there is much sexual and romantic tenderness. He is a good writer. A friend of 40+ years has recommended  a book of his essays she believes is brilliant so I’ll buy and read that.

I need at some time in the future to decide whether to jump to digital or stay with film. If I go digital it will probably be ‘complete’ meaning I won’t shot another roll of film. I’m a geek so digital seems so natural,  second I’m obsessive.  Spending $5k for a M8 body and I’d need at least one new lens and most likely two so that is another $2k to $5K seems like a lot money; unless I can prove to myself that I am actually doing something but going for walks with my camera.

I am also trying to decide whether I should keep posting these fast scans of my negatives or just scans of final prints. Scanning prints would show more exactly what I am trying to present BUT there would be many fewer images on the blog. Scanning negatives means more images but the quality is less.


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