Posted by: Michael | 23/12/2007

No Christmas Tree this year

We’ve acquired three kittens this year; two only 5 months old and one about 11 months old. We have a 12 year old cat. So FOUR cats! A new record for us.

Last year we had two cats, but the six year died. It seems he was only born with on kidney and that stopped working in about 5 weeks. Our old cat has never been alone though she barely tolerated the six year old; so we adopted a brother and sister; named Peaches and Patches.

When they turned six months old we brought them into be neutered. Peaches died. Patches was very dependent on Peaches, if he didn’t see her for five to ten minutes he would howl. So we adopted two kittens – sisters.

All three are very crazy. So we are not going to even try putting up a tree this year.
Next a tree with lights and maybe if the tree isn’t knocked down and climbed we’ll try some decorations.

The amount of poop four cats produce is amazing!

Click on thumbnail to see larger image.

F Train approaching Carroll Street Station.

F Train approaching Carroll Street



  1. Your photos are certainly very nice! I like the one you put here.

    By the way, my husband likes David Plowden . . do you? I gave Plowden’s book, The Vanishing Point, to my husband this year as a Christmas gift.

    Also, the by the way, your Avatar on shows a guy with long hair. That you?

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