Posted by: Michael | 22/12/2007

Greenpoint and John Coltrane

I’ve been quiet trying to decide whether to continue writing.
I have been cramming vacations days into the last two weeks of the year; we are not allowed to carry vacations over from one to the next.

I went out Monday, Thursday and Friday. Monday and Thursday I walked around Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Red Hook and then Friday I walked Greenpoint and Long Island City. I had not been in Greenpoint and LIC since the summer. Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, Greenpoint and LIC are in transition BUT also are neighborhoods still with industry. Much of Greenpoint’s industry is new; much of LIC is the LIRR; neither is going away soon. Strange to see very expansive apartments, coops, and condos with in blocks of industry.

Interesting neighborhoods.

One of the things I stumbled on in Greenpoint is a record shop:

Permanent Records
181 Franklin St
Greenpoint, NY 11222
Phone: (718) 383-4083

LPs: new John Coltrane LPs. Very cool.

I need to go back and go through their collection more thoroughly; if you get chance go check them out.

Also I bought three CDs by two Japanese jazz musicians, Satoko Fujii, a pianist, and her husband Natsuki Tamura, a trumpeter.

Some images: click thumbnail to see larger image.

Columbia Street arrow.
Columbia Street

Pixie in a backyard, Baltic Street and Columbia Street


Lobster, wall of Trout Shack, Pacific and Smith Streets.


Cobble Hill Cinema, Court Street.

Cobble Hill Cinema

Rocketship, Smith Street.

Rocketship, Smithe Street.

Supermarket, Smith Street.

Supermaket, Smith Street.

Posters, Smith Street.

Posters, Smith Street.


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