Posted by: Michael | 22/10/2007

Susan Faludi, Fire Island, Ferarra Concrete Plant and Ballanchine.

I bought Susan Faludi’s new book, Terror Dream, having read some reviews. Today I listened to her on YouTube, and I liked the premise of the book. I have not started reading the book yet; I wonder if she writes about Vietnam. I think on reason we jumped into Iraq was to prove we could have won in Vietnam if only we had stayed the course! The British were stuck in the north of Ireland for 40 years fighting a group not armed or trained as well. The many on the British right can not accept being beaten in the south of Ireland; and many on U.S. the right can not accept that those ‘little yellow bastards’ could beat the big tall white American men.

I did something stupid yesterday. I thought I had put Plus-X in my camera but it was Tri-X, so I guess I am going pull my first roll. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I final got a lens cap and a UV filter for my 21mm lens. Next I need to get a lens hood for it, and maybe even a yellow filter! However I am happy that it finally has real protection.

I saw a great documentary on Balanchine and the New York City Ballet. It had clips of Susan Farrell and Patricia McBride. I mess seeing them on stage. I never remember what we are to see so I can hope for Bugaku and Afternoon of a Faun.

Today’s images: two were taken on Fire Island and two of Ferrara Bros.’s cement plant in South Brooklyn.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

Fire Island Bushes

Fire Island Grass

Ferrara Cement trucks

Ferrara Cement plant


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