Posted by: Michael | 21/10/2007

Just watched ‘Bobby’

Just watched ‘Bobby’.
I remember the killings and Vietnam.

I remember not just the assassinations of King, Bobby, and President Kennedy, there were others; but I remember the bombing of the church where three children were killed.

Vietnam was like Iraq you keep waiting for someone to explain what the hell we are doing there; and just like Vietnam we get lies and nonsense.

I think Iraq is about Vietnam. They decided to fight in Iraq to prove we could have won in Vietnam. What they proved we stupid wars are always lost. Also like Vietnam the corruption in administration of the Iraq war overwhelms the fighting of the war.

The war no longer is about ‘oil’ or ‘democracy in the Mid-East’ or ‘fighting terrorism’ – it is now obvious it is and was about pigs, defense contractors and Republicans, feeding the trough.

I remember the first anti-war meeting at Cornell; there were about 15 people. The discussion revolved around whether we should hand out pamphlets against the war or something more chaining ourselves to the tress blocking entrance to some of the buildings. The pamphlet people beat Paul and I on that day.

Iraq proves to me that we need a draft. If we go to war it should be the center of our lives. It is too easy to ignore this war.

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Looking out the Window

Graffiti on Windows

Looking Up

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