Posted by: Michael | 20/10/2007

South Brooklyn concrete plants; D76, Rodinal and Microdol-X

I had my first run in with a security man today at the Ferrara Cement Plant in South Brooklyn. Googling I found out the problem the City has condemned their property and has yet to find him new property. This is a business opened since the 1970’s.

In fact it seems the city is shoving all the cement plants out of the area; hopefully not out of Brooklyn.
There a fewer and fewer industrial plants left in the city. The city cannot be all Wall Street workers and fancy restaurants. I miss the old Dumbo with all its workers. I miss the old Village with all the artists and writers. I miss my old neighborhood with all my Italian neighbors.

I don’t like hassling security guys they’re just doing work, but I hate being bulled. He should have just came up and asked me to move off the property.

So here are the three jpegs of the three developers: D-76 [1-1], Rodinal [1-50], and Microdol-X [1-3]. I hope next week to scan the DK-50 and upload that.

[Click on thumbnail to see larger image.]







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