Posted by: Michael | 19/10/2007


I’ve been quiet because I developed film all week; had class Thursday morning and made contacts Thursday afternoon. Today shipping started so time for nothing but work. I did look at my contact sheets; I am still not sure any of morning shots work.

And I’m not sure anyone would like my cement plant shots; is anyone else intrigued by industry.

The screen on this MacBook is very different from work. I’ve images of the closed Blockbuster on Court Street. They were all developed in different developer.

I was going to post them but even at the highest resolution of the scanned you can’t see the grain structure. I’ll post them tomorrow.

I am posting two images that I worked on the MacBook to see how they look when I get to work. Both taken this summer.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]


Bayside Fuel Depot


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