Posted by: Michael | 14/10/2007

Night Photography

Another project that I am thinking of trying is some night photography. My first idea is shooting Smith street at night with a tripod; many people running around on Friday and Saturday nights. Another alternative, would be to shoot on a Sunday or Monday when it is quieter with less people or even around 4 a.m. when there is almost no people.

But I think I need a whole different location: Greenpoint, Redhook, or Dumbo at night. Where else?

I tried doing 2-3 sec exposures at Fire Island of the water and sky hoping it would be smooth. Those exposures was too short probably needed more like 2-3 minutes maybe even longer. Developer: either Rodinal or Microdal-X. I should do an experimental roll or two and see if I agate less will the harsh contrast be held down.

I have been reading Marcus Kazmierczak’s discussion of shooting at night found on his blog. My drag racing story was the last time I shot extensively at night. I did about 100 rolls of Tri-X rated at 6400 and higher; I can’t remember what I developed in. I should have also brought strobe and taken some portraits of the guys and their cars; I was stupid. I should have added some daylight portraits also.

Since I am planning on shooting for 1+ minutes I could use Plus-X or even Pan F; the difference in ISO is not really important. Well the slower film give me better contrast and grain. Maybe I’ll ask around.

Maybe something with East River but not the Brooklyn Bridge or Manhattan; they are done too much.

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