Posted by: Michael | 13/10/2007


I shot three rolls of Tri-X this morning of Court St. I will develop them in three different developers: DK-50, Microdol-X, and Rodinal. I have already developed some in D76, so I’ll have four sets of morning shots to compare. The light is not perfectly the same but I think close enough. I am amazed how fast the light changes in the morning.

I still have doubts that the images really work but at least I’ll learn something from the developer comparison.

I need to do contact sheets; about 25, I let myself fall behind. It would help to see contact and it would help Karen to help me if she had contacts to look at.

I looked at some more Garry Winogrand, and all the images looked badly printed, They were great images but muddy.

I also shot a roll of Plus-X which I’ll develop in Rodinal to see what it looks like. Most of the shoots were of women on Smith and Court.


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