Posted by: Michael | 11/10/2007

Darkroom and Rondial Fun

Today I made several messes. First, printing. I’m still not sure what was going on. Karen [Marshall, the instructor] kept pointing where I should burn and dodge and I’d go in and ‘do it’, but what came out wasn’t right. Instead of getting lighter areas were getting darker. Finally after about fumbling 5-6 attempts the image started to move in the right direction. Very strange.

THEN I developed one roll of Tri X in Rodinal and I didn’t mix it 1-50 but 1-5. The roll was black; the only way you could see that there were images on the roll was to hold it up close to a light source. Luckily I had another roll in my closet and went out in the rain and exposed it. All were hand held shots at 15th and 30th of sec. then developed the roll. Blurry but it came out. I need to bring in my small volume measurer; ICP doesn’t have any small enough.

I looked at a book of Gary Winogrand’s photographs. The images are great but the printing sucks. Many of the images looked washed out and muddy. It could be the book printing and not the photographs.

Today’s Images: two are part of my 6 A.M. excursion on Court and Smith sts. The third is of a Sanitation plant in South Brooklyn.

P.S. I realized I made another mistake I left my almost new pack of paper at the lab. A messy day.

[Click on thumbnail to see larger image.]

Blockbuster on Court Street

Brownstone Real Estate, Court Street.

Sanitation Department South Brooklyn.


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