Posted by: Michael | 10/10/2007

Court and Smith Streets: Anger Wade, Winn Discount & BGH

So I am uploading four of my ‘early morning images’ taken on Smith and Court sts. These were all taken with my 50mm; I don’t think any of the shots with the 21mm work, too much distortion.

My tripod though is terrible! I can not repeat that enough; it was a waste of money, at best I’ll bring it out to Fire Island and leave it there and buy a new and better one.

I am going to send my Leica off to be cleaned and its light leak repaired. After 42 years a little cleaning is a good thing.

I also want a new 50mm!! The f2 or f1.4 would be nice; I don’t think I’m going to spend $5.5k for the f1.

Bar Great Harry

Angry Wade’s

Winn Discount

Store for Rent, Smith Street


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