Posted by: Michael | 09/10/2007

Coltrane In Japan

I am listening to Dexter Gordon’s Tanya. It is wonderful; even if you do not listen to jazz often you will love it. Dexter really plays outstanding and it is the best solo I have heard by Donald Byrd. It is one of the pieces of music I go back often; others are World Sax Quartet’s Come Sunday [I could easily add all of WSQ’s Ellington pieces], John Coltrane’s Naima and India [in all their versions on various Cds], also David Murray’s Naima and India and his Lester Leaps In and Stan Getz’s Spring is Here.

Jimmy Garrison’s playing on Live in Japan’s Crescent, which I am listening to at this moment is stunning. He plays a solo with bow and  fingers – a real solo no one else – for 13 minutes and 12 seconds, somewhere about 13 minutes some cymbals and drumming cuts in. Then a few seconds later the rest of the group joins him and they fly. I do not think it’s a piece that would be easy for someone that had not been listening to Jazz or modern classical music. I guess listening to Coltrane at this stage or Cecil Taylor is like listening to Stravinsky’ Firebird after having listened to Bach or Mozart with no warning, or jumping to Picasso from Renoir. My introduction to jazz was through Coltrane.

As for images, I know I said I was not going to upload anymore out of focus Fire Island beach images BUT this one is so crazy I have to upload it. Three images are of people in a Queens coffee shop, and then an eagle in Grand Canyon. Finally, two images of Beach houses.

[Click on thumbnail to see larger image.]

Eagle in Grand Canyon

Man in Coffee Shop 1

Man in Coffee Shop 2

Man in Coffee Shop 3

Fire Island Beach House C13

Fire Island Beach House C12

Beach, surf, and sky

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