Posted by: Michael | 08/10/2007

Hopper, Miles Davis and Fire Island

My Rodinal arrived today so maybe I’ll use on some Tri-X I’ll take tonight or tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday I’ll develop the film. I have no idea what I’m going to shoot yet. I may just walk the streets tomorrow shooting reflections with me in them, see if I can come up with something.

I’m up loading Hopper’s Early Sunday Morning the painting I am trying to emulate. I uploading one of the images that I took on an early Saturday morning. This was taken with my 50mm. The 50mm shots work better than the 21mm; they have much less distortion. Also going up are two Fire Island Beach houses.

Miles Davis’s ’58 Sessions is playing. Bill Evans just played a great solo on Love for Sale. It’s a great album; it may not bind together as Kind of Blue does, but the group plays well on very take.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

Hopper’s Early Sunday Morning

Mike’s Early Sunday Morning

Fire Island Beach House 13

Fire Island Beach House 14


  1. You can see Night Hawk’s at Chicago’s Art Institute. These are great photos!

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