Posted by: Michael | 06/10/2007

Fire Island, South Brooklyn [aka Red Hook] Cement plants

I’m grumpy and depressed that the Saturday/Sunday morning shots did not work. I do not really have a plan to make this idea to work. I need to look at the negatives and see what is really going on before I re-shoot. I’ll look at some books in ICP’s library and maybe ask one of the instructors if they have an idea how to attack this problem.

It was humid today; it felt like summer. I didn‘t take anything I’m excited about; all I did was push myself to shot people. Stop aim focus and shoot: nothing furtive, no sneaking.

I am uploading four Fire Island images, two straight and two out of focus. The most abstract of the out of focus is the one I like the most. I am also putting up images of a cement plant in South Brooklyn.

[Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.]

Fire Island Beach 12

Fire Island Beach 13

Fire Island Beach 14

Fire Island Beach Chairs

South Brooklyn Cement Plant

South Brooklyn Cement Plant 2


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