Posted by: Michael | 03/10/2007

Karrin Allyson, Developers; plastic and metal tanks

I developed 8 rolls of Plus X last night; two had touching so I lost a bunch of frames. I hate ICP’s metal reels they have been beat up too much. I’ll probably get one roll out of the two. The water at the lab was very warm again; the developer was cold enough that I didn’t need to use my bottle of cold water. I have nine rolls of Tri x to do tonight; then I’ll only have a rolls of 120mm FP4, two rolls of Pan F 120mm, and one roll of T-max exposed at 6400 135mm, which I’ll develop in T-max developer.

The images of me for class and the morning images survived; my fast review it was images of people I’ve been doing lately that were hurt. I must remember at ICP to use the plastic tanks!

I’ve been using D76; I will use T-Max on the T-Max, and I have Rodinal arriving next week. I probably should mix the Microdol-X I have and than start comparing all four developers to see first hand what they do.

At the moment I intend to develop the Pan F and FP4 in D76 at 1-3; it should give me a broader spread of tones. I think the difference between straight, 1 to 1 and 1 to 3 is suppose to produce a broader spread of tones.

I ran into Michael Silverwise; he’s teaching Photo 1 this term. We talked for about a half hour. He’s a good teacher.

I’m listening to Karrin Allyson. I bought her Ballards CD a few years ago even though I knew nothing about her; but I thought anyone with the courage to duplicate Coltrane’s Ballards I had to buy it and listen to it. She did a good job and I’ve bought all her CDs. I have also seen her perform live, and she was very good.

Today’s images were taken over the summer. One is one of my out of focus shots on Fire Island; the other is of the Hess terminal in Red Hook.

[Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.]

Fire Island Beach Houses

Hess Terminal


  1. Hey Buddy, I Googled myself today(just for grins) and found you and your comments. Hope all is well with you and yours this New Year. Later, Michael

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