Posted by: Michael | 01/10/2007

Self portrait and Rodinal

I have to do a self portrait by Thursday morning for my class at ICP, which would not be terrible except I need to come up with an idea, shoot it, develop the film and make a contact sheet by Thursday morning.  As for a contact sheet I’m doing that on the scanner. I definitely will not have time to shot, develop and print a contact sheet.

I have a roll of Plus X with just a few shots taken, so I’ll probably finish that roll off.

My only idea is to shoot some out of focus. I may try some deadpan stuff: me sitting a hand on each knee staring deadpan straight at the camera, probably in a suit and tie.

What else? At the moment I have no other ideas.
I might try and do some reflections with me in them but out 20 exposures I’d be lucky if one has anything interesting.

I ordered some Rodinal from a store in California. It should be here the middle of next week. I use it on my Tri X and probably Plus X. I might test it on Ilford FP4 and F though seems counterproductive even using it on Plus X is a bit iffy. We’ll see.

I’m uploading three images: Cape Cod with an orange filter, circa 1970; Fire Island, June 2007, this I will probably crop of the top a bit; a South Brooklyn cement plant, Aug. 2007.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

Cape Cod Dunes 12

Fire Island Beach 14

Cement Plant 3


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