Posted by: Michael | 30/09/2007

Atlantic Antic and Morning Light

Will the images I took this morning, especially the images without sky, look like they were taken in the early morning or just washed out? I don’t know. The images with sky will use the sky AND the washed out buildings to project the idea of early morning light. Shooting B&W I gave up the ‘red’ glow of the morning light, but can I give up the bright morning sky and still project morning?

I hope to develop the film this week and print some next week. If I do get the film developed and not printed, I will put some of them online even if they do not work..

Baldwin is great; someone more self-conscious than me. I wonder if his internal voice was ever quiet. I can quiet my internal voice with music and physical active, which is why I still work out.

The Atlantic Antic is today. It does not seem to be the Atlantic Antic it once was,. I know all old people say that, but what it first started most of the booths were the shops on Atlantic Ave. now most of the booths are the same booths you find at all the street fairs in N.Y.C. The Street fairs don’t seem to have very much local favor.

On the cat-poop front I put a ½ inch of water in the bathtub and change the litter in one litter box, so it is been a success. No poop in bathtub, which I expected AND not poop anywhere else except the litter boxes. The real test will happen in two or three days when we empty the tub.

No images today, I uploaded all I took home with me yesterday.


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