Posted by: Michael | 29/09/2007

Court and Smith Stores

I did go out this morning at 6:30 A.M. I shot two rolls but I had the wrong lens; the 50mm did not take in enough so tomorrow I will use my 21mm. The 50 could only take one store and bits of the others on either side. I need to include several buildings to get the ‘quietness’ in the image. One building is just one building; several buildings imply a neighborhood, a quiet morning. I am hoping cropping rids the image of wide-angle distortion. I still don’t know if I can the effect, the feeling I want.

I think I will use either Plus X or FP tomorrow. I am using a tripod so what’s an f stop of two.

I am starting Baldwin’s Nobody Knows My Name. I embarrassingly admit that I have not read Baldwin in probably 40 years.

My images for today: three were taken years ago on the Staten Island ferry. I think only one works by itself, but together they all work. I have several others taken on the ferry and I will post the others in the future. The clouds are more of the series I took in June with a red filter. There are two shots processed twice; once using the film grain filter in Photoshop and once without.

The final image was taken in Long Island City in August.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

July Clouds 1

July Clouds 2

July Clouds 3

July Clouds 4

Kids Staten Island Ferry 1

Kids Staten Island Ferry 2

Kids Staten Island Ferry 3

Pepsi Sign


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