Posted by: Michael | 28/09/2007

Cat Crap in my bathtub or The Day of the Trumpet

The Cannon scanner in the graphics department is much better than the one in my department so I’ll be using that one from now on.

I’m in my afternoon doldrums; my medications and going to the gym catch up to me. My brain is slowing to a stop, unless I keep busy I can easily fall asleep.

I have stopped doing intensive genealogy; because my searches have been revolving around the same few people: Thomas A. Storkes, Margaret Frances Abbott Pattison, and John Michael Garrity. Margaret is the most interesting of the tree because she is said to Cherokee. She definitely changes her place of birth; its in various documents listed as New York, England, Scotland, and South Carolina. The closest I have gotten to confirm her as a Native American is that someone else, a very distant relative, has the same family story. I would also like to discover why she and her daughter change their names on the 1880 census to Frances from Margaret.

Timothy Cox is also interesting, but a indirect ancestor. In his Will he leaves his sister, Ellen, $10,000 in trust, and also his niece, Ellen Byrnes Aschoff, $5,000. His son and granddaughter are willed the bulk of his estate including his house. What is peculiar is that this is a man listed as a day laborer or teamster in the Brooklyn City Directories. Where does he get all this money? The only hint is in his obituary, which states that he has long been involved in Democratic party politics of Brooklyn’s Ward Six.

I just jumped from listening to Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis. Trumpet to trumpet. I don’t think Davis ever sang though I could be wrong. I guess next I will jump to Clifford Brown and Gillespie. Make it the Day of the Trumpet. I might even throw in Roy Hargrove, Jon Faddis and Freddie Hubbard if I have enough time.

I’ve two problems:
1. What to read? I’m not reading anything except Adam’s Natural Light and some blogs. Maybe I’ll go out and buy some Science Fiction or a Mystery to kick-start my brain.
2. How to stop my two newest kittens from crapping in my bathtub. I tried putting a litter box in the bathtub but they just ignored it. My next move is to put about an inch of water in the tub

I’m uploading four images. One is one a the few images I have from the Army. I had to take picture of one of the Units of my brigade marching on the 4th of July in Greensborough, North Carolina. It was 1968.

The Rheingold sign was taken in Queens about 1970.
The beach was taken in June on Fire Island; and the cement factory in July in South Brooklyn.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]


Fourth of July

Fire Island Houses

Cement Plant 2


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