Posted by: Michael | 27/09/2007

Lovano, Coltrane, Rollins, Webster, Gordon, Murray and Hawkins

Joe Lovano is playing. I really like him. It amazes me how much difference in sound Lovano, Coltrane, Rollins, Webster, Gordon, Murray and Hawkins can get on the same instrument.

I need to get out and listen to Lovano live sometime. He has to be amazing.

David Murray has so many beautiful CDs out there. His Octet Plays Trane is gorgeous. I can listen to Naima and India over and over; they are so beautiful.

The tenor sax and cello both have such human tones. Listening to Yo-Yo Ma play Bach Suites, the sound goes right threw you – it resonates; the same with the sound coming out of a tenor sax.

I have two or three rolls of some kids playing jazz on Smith Street this summer. I had never shot a band, so I decided to see what I could come up with. I haven’t made contacts of rolls yet. I tried different distances and some with the crowd listening in the pictures; in fact ‘threw’ the crowd – the musicians ‘framed’ by the crowd.

I do not know when I going to make it back to Greenpoint and LIC. I’m tired of walking to red Hook and Dumbo. Though I believe there inexhaustible supply of photographs everywhere i.e. you could photograph a room every day and come up with good images, its more interesting to walk new places. I do not need to fly to India or Ireland BUT it’s more interesting to walk new streets.

Tomorrow I may walk 6th Ave and Madison Ave. and take some people shots, if its not raining. If its not raining Saturday morning I hope to shot Court and Smith streets.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

Cap Cod Dunes


Wall 2

Wall 3


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