Posted by: Michael | 25/09/2007

David Daniels, Dexter Gordon, Rodinal and Gary Winogrand

So I’m listening to David Daniels; he is a countertenor. He is singing what was once song by castrati. Earlier I was listening to Jimmy Smith and John Coltrane; a bit of a jump in styles.

I watched an interview with Gary Winogrand by Bill Moyers. I liked the interview; I need to look at some of his books. He was shooting with what looked like a 21mm or 28mm so did not focus just framed. I assume he also crops his negatives; but maybe not. He also discussed a feeling of intimacy when he shots people; which is why he likes shooting women. I’m trying to remember the exact phrase he used but I can’t.

When I went out the other day and shot people, I felt better about it AND actually took my time and focused. I used my 50mm, which for me borders on a wide angle. I might try using my 35mm, which with Tri-X wouldn’t need focusing.

I hope this Saturday morning to go out about 6 a.m. and photograph stores. If the light is right they should be in slight shadow with the sky slightly brighter and with luck NO ONE on the street. I hope to duplicate the feeling of Hopper’s painting of the storefronts as in Early Sunday Morning. I’ll try using Kodak Plus X and Ilford FP. Though I wonder if Tri X at 1600 or T-Max at 3200 would be better. The grain might soften the image; make it quieter and little more unreal. I planning on shooting stores on Court and Smith and if there is time I walk to Atlantic and Montague.

There is some Rodinal for sale on Ebay: $9.99. Do I buy it?
Probably for $10, why not?

I just switched to Dexter Gordon’s Our Man in Paris. I love Tanya.

The two of three images I am uploading were taken this summer, the third, Ferns, was taken 30 years ago out my apartment’s back window. The clouds were taken with a red filter; I have several more I’ll post in the future. This was in July and the sky for several days seemed to be full of beautiful clouds moving very fast and in different directions at various altitudes. As for the young girls, my eye was caught by the sunglasses and the flip-flops.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]

Girls with Sunglasses


Clouds 1


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