Posted by: Michael | 21/09/2007

Grey Cards and Incident readings

I didn’t post yesterday; work got in the way.

I lost my grey card and haven’t been able to buy a new one so I’ll be doing readings off my hand and using the incident light attachment of my meter for readings. It about time I learned how to do incident readings properly. Losing the grey card was sort what depressing I had the card since the 60’s.

My percentage of good exposures is still too lower, I forget open up or close down and my guessing how to open and close sucks. Hopefully it will come back, thought now I remember why through the lens metering was such a big deal; less loss exposures to dumb mistakes.

Four rolls of film were screwed up a couple of weeks ago when the water at the lab wouldn’t get colder than 74 degrees and I guessed badly on how much time to reduce the development time. I should have just walked out and come back the next day with bottles of cold water. I now carry cold with me when I go to lab.

I have a strong tendency to print full negative; and close to 95% of the images on this blog are full negative. I started this practice several years ago, 30+ years ago, for discipline. I also like the odds and ends that show up in a negative that you weren’t conscious of seeing. Lately though I have been messing around with cropping my images.

Today’s image: two are of industrial sites and one is a reflection of me. All were taken in the last couple of months.

[Click on the thumbnail to see larger image.]


Tanks and Floats



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